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As a job seeker it is good you know the differences between an employment and a recruitment agency, this way you can better understand how they operate and how you can exploit these differences to your advantage in your job search process. 
As their name connotes:
Employment: Help Job seekers seek for employment
Recruitment: Help organisations coordinate recruitment
The differences are as follows;
  1. Employment agency meets the needs of job seekers by helping them secure employment for a fee while the Recruitment agency meet organisational needs by coordinating their recruitment processes for a fee
  2. Employment agencies are paid by the job seeker for employment service rendered while the recruitment agency gets paid by the company for recruitment service rendered.
  3. The Employment agency is responsible for getting the employee a job while the recruitment agency is responsible for getting the organisations good candidates
  4. Usually job seekers are required to make an initial payment to the employment agency for processing fee, while CV submission and job search with a recruitment agency is entirely free.
  5. If employed, the Job Seeker will be expected to pay the employment agency a certain percentage of his/her salary over a period of some months while the recruitment agency is not paid by the job seeker but by the client upon recruitment.
  6. An employment agency might be required to give reports and feedback to job seekers in their database but recruitment firm’s reporting obligation lies with the employing organisation.
  7. To get success from an employment agency you must be employable and willing to work for less than market value pay, while with recruitment agencies you are required to display high competitive employability skills and competencies.

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