Top 5 employer branding mistakes your business should avoid

Employer branding isn’t just a marketing buzzword. As a business, cultivating a unique employer branding proposition should be viewed as an essential ingredient in your talent attraction strategy. By developing your own strong employer brand, you will naturally attract and retain top talent to drive profit and innovation within your business. 

Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when building your employer brand:

1.    Failing to define your ideal employees: You can be recognised as a great employer, yet still attract the wrong type of jobseekers. As a business you should define clearly the type of talent you’re trying to attract, in particular, those whose core values align with your own business values. Once you have your target audience defined, the next step is to integrate this knowledge into all your future branding exercises. E.g. If you’re looking for staff who are creative and think outside the square, make sure your advertisements are also imaginative and designed to catch the eye of creative people.

2.    Having a careless recruitment and onboarding process: From job advertisements, to interviews, to the first impression a new employee has on their first day - you’d be surprised just how important these little things are. If you’re not confident you can manage all of this well, you should partner with experts who can help. A specialist recruitment consultant will help ensure the recruitment process is managed well, and then when you’ve hired your new employee, use the expertise of an HR consultant as you don’t want all the good work to stop there! Make sure their first day begins smoothly – from induction through to a team lunch if possible. First days are like first dates – every second counts.

3.    Not understanding what makes your employees (and potential employees) tick: Do you know the top 5 most important factors people take into consideration when choosing to work for a company? Understanding what workers want is the first step in improving your employer brand. From competitive salary to long term job security – make sure you know what your people want, and then work hard to provide it, to attract and retain the best talent.

4.    Forgetting to outline your own unique EVP: Your employer value proposition is the ‘thing’ that makes you stand out from your competitors – so take time to sit down and reflect on how your business is unique, and what you provide to your employees above and beyond the day to day job experience. For example, do you offer extensive learning and development opportunities? Or flexible working hours? Perhaps it’s your impressive salary package which puts your business above others. Whatever it is, make sure you use and market your EVP effectively wherever and whenever you can.

5.    Your brand promise fails to match the actual experience: After taking the time to build up a strong and reputable employer brand there’s nothing worse than failing to match the reality of what a new employee was promised. Make sure everything you promise is delivered once they join your business. You’ll find greater success in your talent attraction and retention if you invest time on this.

Executed correctly, your employer brand can provide you with a strong competitive advantage – done incorrectly, and your perception as a potential company to work for could destroy your chances of attracting the best talent - skilled and visionary workers who can become your future leaders. 


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