You probably know stress has a reputation for being bad, no matter what! But it can
actually be a good thing under the right circumstances.
In fact, the general perception most people have is that they would rather have no form of stress in their life.
Have you heard people who say: they want a stress free life? It is actually not good statement because there is only one group of people who have no form of stress whatsoever. They are dead!
This write up is laying emphasis on stress because it is one of the major factors that affect organisational productivity.

So what is stress?
It is the body’s automatic response to any physical or mental demand placed on it. For example; strain, pressure, pain, grief etc.  It can actually be sectored in by a number of variables. Let’s look at some:
Environment: Power supply, security, health issues
Work: work demands and pressures that challenge an employee’s ability to cope e.g. working very long hours without break, harassment, unconducive environment, organisational climate, job insecurity, congested staff room or office and lots more.

Everybody will experience stress differently. Sometimes what is stressful to one person, may not bother another. Ability to tolerate stress depends on many factors. They include:
·        Your general outlook in life
·        Your emotional intelligence
·        Genetics etc.
Some jobs advertisements specifies clearly when recruiting, “ability to work under pressure, in a fast paced environment”
For example: fire fighters, stockbrokers, bank workers, doctors, nurses and lots more. With no exception, every job gets people stressed out once in a while.

·        High rate of absenteeism
·        High staff turnover
·        Direct medical expenses
·        The attitude
·        Grievances and issues

·        When working properly, stress can help you stay focused, energetic and alert.
·        It can help you meet daily challenges and motivate you to reach you goals
·        It can boost your memory.

Problems arise when there is too much emotional stress that stays around for weeks or months. It can cause major damage to the health of victim, affect mood, productivity, quality of life and relationship.

We cannot eliminate stress completely from our life because it is a normal physical response to life’s events.
However, what we can do is to reduce and manage it. There are various ways to do these so as to have a more balanced and happier life as well as improved productivity at work. Get enough sleep, eat well balance meals, engage in regular exercise, learn to handle your anxiety triggers or avoid them and take occasional break off work,

A balanced life, is a happy life.

Adaora Ayoade
EZ37 Solutions

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