Characteristics of a Good Discipline Policy

Indeed, the saying is true that reads “Where there is no law, there is no sin.” A big mistake made by most employers is that they don’t put structures in place to guide the behaviour of their employees. It is a costly assumption to assume that members of staff have full knowledge of acceptable behaviours within the organisation.
Not only does a discipline policy detail the expectations of the employer and the organisation at large of the employee, it also highlights the punishments due to defaulting members of staff.
While some behaviours like stealing and violence at workplace are out rightly unacceptable, some other subtle ones; like gossip and leak of confidential information to external parties are easily over looked and has gradual but destructive effect on the organisation. Both categories of violation should be covered by a sound discipline policy.
A typical discipline policy should have the following characteristics:
1.    It should have clearly defined rules and regulations, which must be communicated in advance and should be fully understood
2.     It must be seen to be fair, consistent and applicable to all employees
3.     It should give room for fair hearing. An opportunity for employees to challenge the information and criteria used to issue disciplinary action.
4.    It should be progressive. Hence, a strategy of increasing the consequences when an employee fails to change his or her behaviour should be applied.
While it is not possible to anticipate every possible situation that could occur, the Discipline Policy serves as a guide, and can also protect the employer in case of legal action for unfair dismissal.
In conclusion, a good Discipline policy is too important to be ignored by any organisation or business enterprise. The document and its implementation is a vital foundation that must be laid by any organisation aspiring for moral excellence.
John Ikuemonisan
Recruitment Specialist
EZ37 Solutions Limited


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