Everyone has a value. Every employer should determine what the value of their employees is to them and vice versa.The employer of every organisation needs to always do an appraisal of its employees to determine the value of the employee and assess if he or she meets the minimum value requirement of the organisation.
Quite often you hear a few employees say "I am worth more than I am paid". It is actually a very good idea to determine what your worth or value truly is. In the same profession, It is quite easy to determine this. For example in sports, football followers will know the value of Lionel Messi to Barcelona team is very high compared to that of other players in the team. This is because of the goals scored and the quantity of named shirts that supporters buy.Likewise, in the media, an employer determines the value of a presenter by the ratings of his/her show and the size of the audience he/she is able to attract to the station.
It can also be quite easy to determine the value and worth of sales staff or production line workers, but workers in IT, HR and other professions should know how to calculate their value, because it can and should be done.
How do you value an Employee?
Firstly, there are the easily quantifiable aspects. These include; 
1. Financial aspect: The employees expected to bring in about 10 times what they are paid as a salary. Hence, a salesman that earns N100, 000 (about $), won’t be expected to bring in less than N 1,000,000 (about $) a month. 
2. Non-negotiable Approach:  aspects you look at; such as  
·         loyalty- dedication, attitude 
·         How much of a team player the employee is. This is of high importance to the employer. Employers want employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.
3. Customer Care: With all the issues people are experiencing with some of the telecom operators in Nigeria, you find that they end up having to go to customer care offices and interface with their staff. When you meet one who has a female attitude, it  can make you decide to change to another provider. Simply because of the attitude of the staff. 
    Therefore, such staff value to the company is actually low, because he or she is also destroying or damaging the company’s value to the customer.
An employee should always know his/her value.
Firstly in the quantifiable aspects. Hence, the question is, are you bringing in 10 times what you are being paid?
Secondly, the non-quantifiable aspects. For example, attitude, dedication, loyalty to the company etc. where there are gaps, try to close it to increase your value. This will eventually lead to promotion and salary.
Businesses have always sought valuable employees which resulted in increased training these days. This is because, companies are scarce and the number of jobs are limited so they have to make sure that they have most valuable performers. Individuals that consistently add value and that they can rely on. Everyone has value, however, employers need to always do an appraisal of their employees and determine what the value of the employee is and if he/she meets up to the minimum value requirement of the organisation.
Rounded Rectangle: Increased Value Perception of the OrganisationSome employees ask questions like why should I add value when the employer is not paying well? The truth is, you should not lower your standard and give substandard value just because present employer does not value you. The bottom line is,
Rounded Rectangle: Employer ValueRounded Rectangle: Employee Value                                                                                                                                  

People are an organisation's greatest asset, they are also the most expensive budget line item. Business growth cannot happen with mediocre employees, you need valuable employees.
So when value is determined you can then decide if employees should be counselled to help them close the identified gaps of if they should simply be helped out of the organisation.

Adaora Ayoade
EZ37 Solutions Limited

…consistently adding value


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