Stressed-out workers cause a variety of problems for small and large businesses alike. In large companies, unhappy workers may be more able to keep to themselves and avoid conflict. In smaller companies, one employee’s stress can affect multiple team members. Both ways, stressed out employees decrease the company's productivity. Hence, managing employee morale becomes a key responsibility for human resources directors, employers and employees themselves.

 There are several signs of work related stress. These include the Physical stress,Psychological stress and Behavioural Work related Stress.
            Examples of work-related physical stress signs areHeadache, Insomnia, Fatigue.

Examples of work-related  stress signs are: Anxiety, Irritation, Discouragement.

Examples of work-related behavioural stress signs are: Reduction in work performance, Reduction in creativity level, Mood swings, Aggressiveness

Below are four basic anti-stress management techniques that can be adopted by Employers to manage employee stress at work;

Many small businesses start with a handful of workers who multitask rather than specialize. As the business grows, each of these tasks requires more time; what was once easy to handle becomes stressful as employees have more work than time on the job to do it. At EZ37 Solutions, human resources directors work with the management to create an organization chart that addresses the company's employee needs and helps managers staff properly. This should be adopted in all organizations.  If this is adopted, employee stress is reduced and productivity is enhanced.

Employees who do not have written job descriptions become frustrated when they do not know what they are to do. They can be further confused if they are being asked to perform work that is not in their field or discipline. Hence Job Descriptions become very important. An HR director must create written job descriptions for each employee, communicate them to workers when they are hired and tell each worker what criteria is to be used for performance reviews.

When employees feel their wages or salaries are not enough,  they become frustrated or stressed and this reduces their morale. One way to keep employee morale high is to create a total rewards program.  At EZ37 Solutions, competent human resource directors compile total rewards program that includes an updated payroll system. This will help reduce employee stress and boost performance.

Even though it looks negligible, it really is important. Gaining trust in employers is really necessary to guide against employee stress. When an employee trusts the company he works, he is able to produce better.
Managing employee stress can be a little bit challenging. This is why it is important that Employers observe and recognize when employee productivity is declining. Taking prompt and quick actions is advisable. Training could also be organized. At EZ37 Solutions, we see Training as an investment and not an expense. We offer a lot of HR services ranging from Training, Recruitment to Outsourcing.

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