Hello Readers, How have we all been?   And how is the preparation for the weekend going? I will be posting a very important aspect of HR this Friday for us all to take home and ruminate on either as employers or employees. This topic is so important because it affects both Employees and Employers. It is called EMPLOYEE VERIFICATION.
             Employee Verification simply means establishing validity or truth of what an employee says or puts on his or her CV.  It is very common these days to see some job applicants including false employment history on their resumes, embellishing past job responsibilities or lying about dates of employment, previous employers, job titles and roles.
Conducting Employee Verification is very vital during Employment Processes. A major reason to conduct such checks during the employment process is to avoid harm or legal liability to the employer’s business, or to avoid harm to the organization’s employees, customers or the public. The  major forms of verification checks include;
a.       Reference Check
b.      Guarantor Check
c.       Academic Certificate Check
d.      Personal Certificate Check
e.      Physical Address Check.
f.        Previous Employer Check.
a.       Reference Check: During employment process, it is important every employee has more than one referee during his or her application process. A referee is someone who has known the applicant for at least three years and can vouch that the applicant is of good conduct.
b.      Guarantor Check: Guarantor Check is more like advanced Reference Check. For guarantor check, the guarantor must be willing to vouch for the applicant and also to be held liable in case any thing happens.
c.       Academic Certificate Check: Here the applicant’s certificates are checked for validity. The types of academic certificates that are usually checked are   Secondary School Leaving Certificates and Certificates from Tertiary Institutions.
d.      Personal Certificate Check: Here other certificates apart from academic certificates are verified. Certificates received from trainings, workshops and seminars are verified.
e.      Physical Address Check: Here the physical address of the applicant is verified.
f.        Previous Employer Check: Adding value to organization is very important hence Employers may carry out previous Employment Check so as to know how an applicant or employee will add value to the organization.   
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