We continue with our series on Performance management because of its great importance to the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Performance determines whether or not your organization will succeed or fail and the Performance of your staff reflects positively or negatively on your organization. Thus, the need to constantly check your performance and ensure the entire organization is working towards improving their performance.

The foundation of Performance Management is Effective Communication & Feedback, the first thing to do is ensure everyone knows their roles and responsibilities (Job Descriptions-JD) thus they know what to do and what is expected of them (this refers to Key Performance Indicators-KPIs).

The next thing to do is Performance Appraisal i.e. matching JDs with KPIs and giving your employees constructive feedback on improving their performance. This basically describes the process which begins with the effective communication of employee’s Job Descriptions to keeping track of their progress and regularly reviewing their work to ensure it aligns with the general goals and objectives of the organization, as it is very important everyone is working together to achieve the same goal (Team work makes a dream work).

Another important factor in Performance Management is Training because if you don’t train them, you can not blame them. It is essential to equip your employees with everything they will need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently to increase their performance and thereby improving the Performance of the organization.

As we round off for the year, you can still improve the Performance of our organizations through effective Performance Management and tune in to Splash 105.5FM on Thursday by 10:15a.m to listen to insightful tips to grow your organization.    


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