We are concluding Performance Management by running through the essential parts of Performance Management.
Performance Management includes activities which ensure that goals are been met in an effective and efficient manner. 
Successful businesses that grow and develop themselves despite market competition are usually composed out of great teams and a tight teamwork. But how can such team be developed and how do you improve Employee Performance within the team?
Many organizations believe that the way to improve employee performance is closely related to the company’s Performance and Productivity. Which is not far-fetched because teamwork makes the dream work!!

The following are 6 simple tips on “How to improve Employee Performance in a Company and ensure that your team works”

1. Encourage Communication and Feed-backs
The first advice in improving Employee Performance is to encourage employee communication not only among employees, but among managers as well. Insight can be received from the employees’ perspective using team meetings, suggestion boxes or surveys. In this regard, you need to be open-minded and actually encourage the expression of ideas by employees without criticizing any part of it. This is also helpful in “feeling the pulse of your employees” to ensure their productivity.
Additionally, you have to keep all your employees informed as regards to the organizational culture and the changes which take place in the organization. Communicate with employees on expectations and the effective ways in which they can overcome future challenges.
Because employee performance depends on numerous factors, it’s critical that you communicate with your employees, and give and receive feedback.
Take the initiative and make sure you schedule regular meetings with your staff to discuss how you can help them improve their performance at work.
Example 1: Let your communication be "transformational" not just "transactional". 
Example 2: A Receptionist was been trained and the boss came in and said “do not let the phone ring more than 3 times before you pick the phone”!!!!

2. Give your Employees the right tools
An organization could have the most talented team of individuals you could ever possibly dream of, but they will produce nothing if they are not given the right tools. Plain and simple.

“Imagine trying to dig a well with a spoon”.

3. Set clear rules for your business
The success of any organization depends on the rules in place. Setting ground rules will ensure that the team works effectively and efficiently within that framework to achieve your set goals. You should create time, have meetings to set clear rules that every member of the organization has to follow. 
“Policies guide behavior”.

4. Set SMART Goals
We looked at Balanced Score Card last month as a means of Performance Appraisal. Most of the employees in an organization want to be part of the organization’s future and discover the most important things at work in order to experience excellence. However, for a set objective to be effective and results-driven in motivating employees, it has to be tied to the bigger organizational goals.

5. Make sure they are the right fit for the job
If a particular job function requires a specific skill, then ensure you properly assess whoever you are bringing on board, to be sure they have the right skills. This is the reason a lot of organizations come to experts like us when they want to recruit correctly.
Imagine a secretary that cannot spell or compose a simple letter, but she looks and dresses great.

6. Provide effective Training
Employees can be helped to improve their skills through in-house career developed or on-the-job training. Improving employee performance involves encouraging your workers to attend different seminars and workshops related to their job activities. You actually have to encourage them to take classes in order to perfect themselves. Also keep in mind that training is not regarded as a one-time event anymore, but rather as a continuous activity, which takes place over an undefined period of time.  “Training BOOSTS COMPETENCIES”

The answer to the age-old question “how to improve employee performance” is certainly not black and white, but it isn't an impossible task either, so do the aforementioned tips and you'll be on your way to improving employee performance in no time.


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