The Bridge between Unemployment and Employment:

My Typical Day as an Unemployed Graduate

A candidate was invited to our office to be interviewed for a job that required urgent attention. It was obvious he had not gotten an opportunity to engage in a formal employment. Notwithstanding, as no major prior experience was required for the role, he had the chance of proving he is capable. During the interview, he was asked what a typical day is to him, he answered; I pray in the morning and listen to the news. What type of news, ‘all kinds of news replied this unassuming job candidate? Is that all you do throughout the day, every day, for the past 3 years, he replied ‘yes and I just go out’. Go out to do what? To just see what’s happening and like I told you I like news a lot? I watch or listen to news including global news'. He was asked another question, ‘how has the news you have listened to over these years affected your life, what have you made out of all you have heard? He could not describe how this has affected him positively in anyway.
What a typical day!

I could not believe this is a typical day for a young man that is in his productive years. I can say categorically that he will never get a meaningful job except he changes how he spends his day.
To the young unemployed graduates, my question is what does your typical day look like?

Employers keep looking for the best fit for various positions at one time or the other but scarcely find a good fit. How do you spend your day? While it is not a bad idea to listen and watch the news, what is important is what you make out of your time investment.

Do not only prepare to answer this question at your interview but rather ask yourself critically what your typical days look like. Ask yourself ‘does your day count? While waiting for that job opportunity, what do you do with your day? What knowledge frontier do you add to yourself every day? What is operational in that career line you so much desire and how have you tended towards that.

It is not so much difficult to recognize good stuff from the first conversation and that is why a set of people keep getting opportunities while some others rarely get by. How do you spend your day to improve your capacity? How do you spend your day to get closer to your goal? How do you spend your day to know more about that job you desire and need so much? How does what you do daily impact your overall worth and value?

This week, spend your day meaningfully.


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